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A Bit About Us

     We are part of the United Church of Canada, which was founded on June 10th, 1925.  At that time, four individual religions came together to become one church.  As a result, we have proud roots in the Methodist Church, the Congregational Union, the western-based General Council of Local Churches and the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  


     On November 2, 2010 the congregations of Holland Landing United Church and Queensville United Church joined forces and became the place you’re checking out!

     History is important, but we're still going strong today.  Check out our Opportunities page for ongoing activities, drop by for our monthly Community Lunch (mmmm!) or join us on Sunday mornings to keep up with all of our current and upcoming activities!  

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The United Church of Canada  turned 97 years old in June 2022!  We look forward to many more years of serving God in all the different ways we’re needed.  

Queensville Holland Landing United Church
Queensville Holland Landing United Church
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