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Our Story

           "The United Church came together in 1925, through a union of Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, and other Christian churches – one of the first ecumenical unions in the world to bring together major Christian denominations into one body. 

          "We are not alone," is the first line of "A New Creed," one of our statements of belief. The United Church of Canada has a  long history of welcoming people of all backgrounds and orientations – wherever you are in your faith journey." 

(credit - United Church of Canada homepage).  


           This means our 100th birthday is next year!  What a great time to get to know us, so we're glad you stopped by.  Be sure to check out our Upcoming Events page and while you're here, get a gander at our groups.  If you have any questions, call our Secretary at (905) 478-4781.  I know she'll be happy to help - she wrote this!  

            Hope to see you soon and have a blessed day!



   (The Latin words “Ut Omnes Unum Sint” that surround the symbols on the crest mean “That all may be one” and are taken from John 17:21. They are a reminder that we are both a “united” and “uniting” church.)


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